Why Stay in Shape?

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and didn’t eat too much turkey!

Why stay in shape? I ask you this so that you can find your individualized reason as to why you should stay in shape. By asking yourself this question, you allow yourself to more accurately place your goals and reasons for your workouts. My reason for staying in shape is because it simply makes me feel good. When I go a week or two without working out, I just feel sluggish and uneasy; it’s almost like I get sick from not working out. This could be because my body isn’t used to be sedentary because for such a long time I went from football to lifting to another sport to back to football for so many years.

I don’t know your reason, and you don’t have to tell anyone your reason! Even if your reason seems unimportant, it’s still important enough to you to98a8dca25a-cdba605ec9-d4drwn make you want to become physically fit. It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks about your reasons or even your workout, so long as you feel the benefits and the motivation.

Some health benefits of staying in shape are outlined in this article! It’s a pretty good article from the CDC so you know it’s legit! I recommend reading through it. Here’s another article about how to better stay in shape! It’s just some tips to help motivate you and give you ideas on what to do to stay more active. I believe that you can meet your fitness goals and these tips will really help you get there!

Here is a link to my post about how often you should work out!

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